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Artist: Suzanne Hendricks


About the Artist

I have always been inspired by the natural of color in world. I find inspiration from the Rocky Mountains, to the colorful canyons of Lake Powell, and the brilliant colors of the rainbow.  Although, I have worked many different areas, including digital media in my spare time, I always go back to art.  I have worked in many different medias: Watercolor, Oil, Digital Art and Alcohol Inks. Currently, I am working mostly with Alcohol Inks.  The brilliant colors of this media “wakes up” my creativity, as seen in my abstract works.  I have found that Alcohol Inks also give an edge to my landscapes.  I also work in the world of “watercolors”, which brings a mellowness to my spirit.  Digital art gives me an even softer, quite gentle look.  As you view my work, I hope you enjoy the range of emotions and colors.