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Artist: Richard Dotson


My brother taught me to draw at age 5. This gave me a hunger for art. I started drawing whatever I could. And with help and direction I started drawing birds from photos. By the time I was in my teens I wanted to learn as much as I could about painting. But the teachers never really demostrated how to. They would just have us draw this and paint that. At first I didn't understand that the paint or media that we work with was teaching me, all I had to do is work with it. 

Through the years oil paint has taught me so much on how to control the media. I still learn new things that can be done with oil paint. I love the vibrant color I get with certain techniques, that I can't get with other medias. As I was growing up I enjoyed the surreallist and all the strange twists and hidden meaning in surreal paintings. 

I have been developing my own style of surrealism with a bit of fantasy added.  

Richard I Dotson 

Artist, Oil Painter