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Artist: Misty E Moorehead


About the Artist


I believe art is the key to healing. 

I am an environmental litigator who returned to the art world after developing fibromyalgia and chronic daily migraine. In the course of finding holistic ways to manage pain I took classes in silversmithing and design. I discovered I was in less pain while in the flow of artistic creation than any other time. I began painting again, first in acrylics, and later in oils and watercolors. The creative flow while painting is the best pain management in the world. 

I paint whimsical monsters -real and imagined. I paint dinosaurs in Victorian costumes,  expansive galaxies and primevil forests, deep sea fish, dragons, and abstract images. 

Often I draw upon my feelings of pain, anxiety, stress, loss, and grief to paint images that capture and express the darker inner turmoil within all of us. I like to turn those unpopular emotions into works of disquieting beauty, to help make them more acceptable to have around, to feel, and to experience. I believe we heal when we become comfortable with our negative emotions.

I enjoy using recycled papers and unusual surfaces as my canvases. I will often work with 3D printed images to create art pieces using metals, wood, dried flowers, and recycled materials. 

I have been painting all my life and am thrilled to be part of the Grace Gallery family of artists.